Hi! I’m Joanne, busy wife and mum to our 3 teenage boys. I love to cook with nutrient dense, wholefoods and find ways to make traditional, homecooked, favourite recipes as healthy and nutritious as I can!  This means using the best ingredients we can afford, minimally processed and low in sugar.

I also love to get creative behind the camera and photograph all the recipes I make so I can share them with you.

I am the eldest of four sisters and both my parents have 7 siblings each so I am part of a large family!  They say you are the sum of those you surround yourself with and my family and close friends are incredibly important to me.  As much as I love their company, I also crave equal amounts of calm and alone time which allows me to think and be creative.  One of my favourite times of the day is early morning, a coffee in peace and walking our dog outdoors or doing some calming yoga and stretching before anyone is awake. 

When I am not cooking or looking after my family and our home or spending meaningful time with friends, I love keeping active to keep physically fit and meditate daily.  Eating nutrient rich foods, staying active and calming my mind are my essentials for good health and longevity!

Please share!