Hi! I’m Joanne and I run The Balanced Kitchen!

I live in Cheshire in the UK, with my husband and our 3 boys.  

Taking care of my health is really important to me, especially after experiencing ill health for a few years during my 30’s due to a life-threatening blood loss following an emergency c-section and forced hysterectomy after our 3rd child. Now that I am in my 40’s the signs of wear from life start to show (!) so it’s really important to make health a priority if I am to enjoy the next few decades with the zest and energy I have been used to throughout my younger years.

I really enjoy being creative and the photography side of the blog is where I can get lost for hours! You can usually find me at home in the kitchen or in a charity shop where I love to find forgotten treasures!

I hope you enjoy my website and find some inspiration for healthy meal ideas!

Joanne 🙂

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