I personally believe that eating a high majority of plant-based foods in my diet helps to keep me happy and healthy.  Understanding what foods agree with my body, which foods digest well, do not cause me discomfort or bloating, those which give me energy and the ability to thrive and heal.

Food should be a celebration each day, every meal should be full of flavour and something you look forward to.  Eating is one of life’s pleasures, it brings people together and so much enjoyment, although I am aware that this isn’t the case for everyone, all of the time.

Although almost all recipes on this website are vegan (do not contain animal-derived products), I am not 100% vegan myself.  Due to my digestive issues with IBS, I prefer to judge each individual food on its reaction with my body and digestive system. I would never eat meat so I am 100% vegetarian and would prefer to not use animal food products but do on occasion use eggs as a quick protein source or (rarely) in baking but I find egg replacements (flax, chia, aquafaba) work well too.  I would describe my diet choice as being Plant-based. A plant-based diet is a diet based on foods derived from plants, including vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fruits, but with few or no animal products.  My food choices evolve as I try new foods and heal my digestive system.  Food choices are affected by so many things; food availability, personal taste, intolerances or allergies, views and religion.  It’s important not to feel pressured in to aligning yourself with one particular way of eating and choose a diet which works for YOU.  There can be so much pressure and confusion surrounding food choice which can lead to feelings of guilt and progress on to eating disorders or produce ongoing problems with digestion.  I have a lot of personal experience with the latter!  

In a normal day, I would eat by following the loose guidelines of 1-2 types grain, 1-2 types seed, 1 type bean or lentil, 1-2 types nut, 2-3 fruits, 2-5 vegetables, 2-5 greens, soy (tofu) 2-3x per week and fermented foods (sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha etc) when I have available, plus a mix of spices, herbs and sea salt for flavour.  By doing this, it helps me to keep a mental check on energy intake, protein and fats.

Eating a plant-based diet, I believe, is much better for our planet.  We are a rapidly growing population and the earth’s resources are already stretched.  By reducing or omitting animal-derived food products, buying organic and local, reducing food and packaging waste we can all do our bit to help save the earth for our future generations.

Make conscious decisions on what you eat, how it affects your body and the wider implications for the planet.

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