This recipe was created for Sacla using their new SUPER GREENS SAUCE. *I used a 25cm x 35cm oven roasting dish for this recipe and the quantity of ingredients shown are to fit this.Ā  Please adjust ingredients to suit your roasting tray size. Giant pasta shapes stuffed with roasted butternut squash, creamy flageolet beans, spinach, chopped vegan sausage and a few spoonfuls of Saclas new delicious Super Greens Sauce, each laid on a bed of
Do you want to know how to build really great tasting plant-based, Vegan burgers? Understanding how to build a bean burger which doesn’t fall apart or tastes boring and bland can be a challenge! But read this guide and you’ll be making so many incredible tasting burger patties that you might need to open a burger van šŸ˜‰ When I first started to make plant-based burgers, I found it difficult to find a way to
This recipe was sponsored by TenderstemĀ® I always have a collection of frozen vegetables and fruits in my freezer as they come in really handy when you want to create a meal if you haven’t had the chance to go shopping for fresh ingredients.Ā  Frozen, fresh produce is usually picked and frozen within hours and because you only use what you need for each meal, it is a really great way to minimise food waste
Garam Masala Carrot, Kale & Black Beans with Pasta
I have a go-to method for creating most of my mid-week evening meals.Ā  It’s a method I have created over the years for enabling me to make a mid-week meal which is; Easy Quick Uses mainly store cupboard ingredients Full of flavour Contains a good mix of Protein, Fibre, Carbs, Fat plus lots of other micronutrients from spices and greens Contains at least 5 vegetables Affordable Can be adjusted to the season It’s a really
Chia Pudding with maca, Raw Cacao, Goji Berries, Blackberries & Pear
One of my favourite parts of the day to add some superfoods to my meals is breakfast! There is a great choice of new ingredients available and it can make for quite a fun time for building up, layer by layer, a really yummy dish with so many different tastes and textures – crunchy, juicy, chewy and little nuggets which add a burst of flavour as you much your way through. 10 years ago, you