This is a fantastic recipe to serve Christmas pudding!  You will need some of my Christmas pudding recipe and also some frozen balckberries and yoghurt and it will make a really lovely, quick and easy dessert – a lifesaver if you have unepxected guests! Serve in some beautiful glassware and it will look like you’ve spent hours creating it 😉

Enjoy! Joanne x

Christmas Pudding Pots with Blackberries & Coconut Cream

Prep Time 5 minutes
Defrosting 15 minutes
Servings 1
Author Joanne


  • 1 cup Christmas pudding See recipe for Christmas pudding
  • 3 tbsp thick coconut yoghurt or any plantbased yoghurt
  • 1 cup frozen blackberries


  1. Place the frozen blackberries into a serving glass and leave to defrost for at least 15 mins.

  2. When you are ready to serve, spoon the coconut cream on top of the blackberries and top with the christmas pudding.

  3. Serve immediately.

Recipe Notes

You can heat the Christmas pudding and serve it warm which is a wonderful contrast between the cold blackberries and coconut cream.

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