One of my favourite parts of the day to add some superfoods to my meals is breakfast! There is a great choice of new ingredients available and it can make for quite a fun time for building up, layer by layer, a really yummy dish with so many different tastes and textures – crunchy, juicy, chewy and little nuggets which add a burst of flavour as you much your way through.

10 years ago, you may not have heard of half of the ingredients in this dish (Goji Berries, Chia Seeds, Raw Cacao and Maca Powder….), but now, we can find them easily in our local supermarket like I did Some ingredients may seem costly to buy against your usual boxed cereals but because you only need a tablespoon of this and a teaspoon of that, you will find these dried items can last you a month. They pack a good amount of nutrients per bite and will keep you full and energised until lunch time.

You can use this recipe all year round but alter the fruit to suit the season. If the rest of you day doesn’t go so well, at least you can look back and say: you had a great breakfast!

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