Back in January 2018, I was contacted by Thrive Magazine, the No. 1 Selling Plantbased Magazine in the US.  Me: jaw dropped expression, followed by a little celebration dance and an increase in heartbeat! Since starting my Instagram account in August 2015, I had long since dreamed of being included in this incredible magazine and each month that went by and I wasn’t, it propelled me to work harder and get better at my craft in the hope that one day I might get the email!! Well, the hard work paid off! I got the email 2 weeks into the new year which really set my year off with a bang.

I was due to be featured in the April issue so after sending the recipes and images over, I had a little time to wait and I didn’t tell anyone apart from my husband because until I saw it, I just didn’t believe it was going to happen.

They send 2 issues out to everyone who is included in the issue and I remember scrolling through my Instagram stories feed and my heart stopped because right there, on the front cover! was my picture!! It was a surreal moment and one I’ll never forget.  I took a screenshot so I could look (and zoom in -hehe) and just kept saying oh my word, oh my word! I’M ON THE FRONT OVER!!!

My copy of the magazine arrived in the post shortly after and to my utter astonishment, not only had I made the front cover, but I made the back cover too! Plus 6 pages inside!  It really was a dream come true but beyond what I’d every thought would happen.  2 years of longing and then for it to happen like this!

Dreams really do come true and the experience has spurred me on to go for other things too!  If you work hard enough, keep focused and be patient, I believe good things will happen.  So whatever your goal, keep going!


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