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A warming and filling dish of roasted sweet stemmed cauliflower, red bell pepper and courgette with freekah and flageolet beans, dressed in a creamy tahini sauce with bursts of tangy, citrus flavours from the physalis berries – these ingredients in this dish which work wonderfully well together. I was excited to find all the ingredients available in this month and I created this dish, perfect for taking you through from the end of Summer and the start of the new Autumnal season. The weather has certainly changed in these last few days but I’m not quite ready to swap my salads for hot soup just yet! A warm dish like this is a great transition from one season to the next. This dish is hearty enough to serve as a main meal or you can serve a smaller portion as a delicious lunch idea which would transport easily as a lunch on the go. If you haven’t seen Sweet Stemmed Cauliflower before, I’d describe it as looking like the pretty gypsophila flowers which are used in flower arranging, which makes them rather an attractive close relation of the usual cauliflower! They are perfect for making a dish look pretty and they taste like a milder version of more common cauliflower. Steamed for around 7 minutes or roasted for just 10 minutes as they are in this dish, you can eat the whole head and stem. The freekah and flageolet beans add a wonderful texture and some substance to the meal and the burst of flavour from the tangy, citrus tasting Physalis Berries really adds dimension to the dish. This is an easy meal which requires not too much preparation. All ingredients can be found now at


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